Why to Invest in a Capo Deli Franchise

Discover the Benefits of Franchising with Capo Italian Deli

Franchise businesses offer aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to own a business while benefiting from the guidance and expertise of an established franchisor. Among the various options available, restaurant franchises stand out as immensely popular for several compelling reasons.

Once customers discover exceptional food at a restaurant, word of mouth spreads rapidly. In this context, opening a restaurant franchise and aligning with a concept renowned for its great food is a recipe for success.

Why Choose Capo Deli? Learn About Our Franchise Advantages

FastCasual.com reports a significant $55.4 billion increase in the US fast-casual market from 2022 to 2027(link). This growth is particularly notable among franchised fast-casual restaurants, thanks to their robust models, purchasing strength, and brand awareness.

Consumers today show a growing preference for daring flavors and rich tastes, while also seeking premium-quality offerings. Within the fast casual segment, Capo Italian Deli is positioned uniquely to capitalize on these emerging demand opportunities. There is no better time to open your Capo Italian Deli franchise.

Not Just a Deli

During the challenging times of the pandemic, Capo, like many other restaurants, experienced a decline in foot traffic. To adapt, we, like others, heavily relied on takeout and delivery orders to keep our business afloat. As we assessed our model, we realized that we were already well positioned to leverage these restrictions, especially with our takeout and catering services. However, we also spotted a fantastic opportunity to tap into the growing trend of to-go cocktails.

And that’s when the Fauci Pouchy was born! The orginal one-of-a-kind concoction, featuring a delightful blend of vodka, mint lemonade, elderflower, and grapefruit, made its debut during the peak of the pandemic and took the nation by storm. The Fauci Pouchy quickly went viral, captivating taste buds from coast to coast. In fact, according to Uber Eats, it still proudly holds the spot as the fifth-most requested alcohol delivery, specifically by name, in Washington D.C. (https://wtop.com/business- finance/2023/10/dcs-top-10-uber-eats-restaurants-and-a-lot-of-fauci-pouchy/)

At Capo, we believe in seizing opportunities and finding innovative ways to connect with our customers, even during challenging times. The Fauci Pouchy is just one example of our dedication to delivering delicious experiences straight to your door, and we can’t wait to introduce you to our other mouthwatering creations.

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